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Garlic Caps (100 gelcapsules)

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Product Description

Garlic is one of the best known spices, yet few people know that apart from its characteristic flavor, it also has many other beneficial effects e.g. help maintain normal blood trygliceride levels. Garlic Caps contains the active ingredients of garlic and parsley. These herbs have been used in medicine efficiently for several hundred years.

350 mg Garlic
250 mg Parsley

For adults: 2-4 capsules daily, or as directed

Daily dosages in a bottle:50

Some studies have linked prolonged garlic consumption with cardiovascular health. Consumption appears to favorably influence the lipid, cholesterol and LDL cholesterol levels in the bloodstream. Moreover, some research has suggested garlic appears to help reduce the amount of cholesterol that clings to the inside of blood vessel walls. Another active ingredient in Garlic, called allicin, has exhibited strong antibiotic, antiseptic and fungicidal properties.

Garlic Caps is a gel capsule which combines garlic with parsley. Aside from the many vitamins and minerals it contains, parsley helps to mitigate some of the unpleasant effects people normally associate with consumption of fresh garlic, such as odor and heartburn.


  • You should consult with a qualified medical practitioner, before taking any supplement.
  • This product is for adults only, and should not be used during pregnancy or nursing.
  • If you have a cardiovascular or blood condition or disease, or any other type of medical condition, or are taking medication, or are scheduled for any kind of operation or medical procedure, seek qualified medical advice before using this product.
  • Drink plenty of water or fruit juice, while using this product.
  • Do not exceed the recommended daily intake.
  • Food supplements cannot substitute for a balanced mixed diet.
  • Keep out of reach of young children.


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