About Us: Vital Formula Int.

Vital Formula Int. is one of representatives of Calivita® .

For over 23 years Calivita® International, a still growing international company which drives from California Fitness®. The main purpose of creating Calivita® International was a response to growing demand and changing expectations for the new era, while leveraging all the good experiences that before many years have been implemented by California Fitness®.

What Vital Formula Int. ?

Working with over 600 medical and scientific experts, permanent medical lecturers and conferences annualy

Over 250 natural ingredients contained in our supplements to ensure a broad spectrum of activity

Regularly carried out over 12 000 quality tests annualy

Latest and patented technologies to produce the best supplements, characteristic for demanding pharmaceutical preparations FDA certificates, many of the welness industry companies gave up their demands

100 % quality guarantee(return the product, open or closed in within 7 days) NO SUCH OFFER ON THE MARKET .
The opportunity to own your own business and enjoy financial independence by helping others

With additional rabates schemes can buy preparations for free.

More than 15 000 000 satisfied customers worldwide
​In recent years greatly increased awarness of the need for a healthy lifestyle, which is obviously also to the merit of our 20 years Calivita® International of influence as a company. Around the world Calivita® International has consistently promoted a new – in terms of quality – style of life . The concept consists of a heathy lifestyle, wich now is an integral part in addition to regular exercise and practicing healthy eating – is beenficial use of proven, best quality nutritional supplements.

Collaboration with Calivita® International is not only a possibility of achevieng our high income security. Taking into account another aspect, for people working in this franchise philosophy It is a great opportunity to make new friends, learning about new places and experiencing new cultures.

Network System Calivita® International also teaches all how to take care of their own health as well as her family and friends. With the new philosophy of life and personal responsibility, we can effectively and continously improve care and awerness for health.

In a short sentence: through Calivita® International and new modern lifestyle we can enhance our quality of life !